File Extension File Type Popularity
CRDOWNLOAD Chrome Partially Downloaded Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

How are CRDOWNLOAD files created?


CRDOWNLOAD files are created at the same time the download process starts. Chrome browser automatically starts downloading file when user clicks a download link even if the option to select download location before downloading is activated. Chrome creates an associated CRDOWNLOAD file to which bits of data are written during download process. Upon successful download the file is checked for:

  • data completeness and integrity,

  • potential security threats.

Data completeness and integrity test basically verifies file’s checksum to determine whether it contains the same data as the source file.


Second testing stage uses internal security scanner to scan downloaded file for malicious content. If the scan detects potential threats browser blocks access to the downloaded file and in some circumstance may even delete the file.
According to the official Chrome documentation download process may be blocked by the browser if the downloaded file:

  1. is a malicious piece of software,

  2. is a deceptive piece of software,

  3. is an uncommon or potentially dangerous piece of software,

  4. has been downloaded from a website that is known for distributing malicious software.