File Extension File Type Popularity
CRDOWNLOAD Chrome Partially Downloaded Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

Download managers


Chrome web browser is capable of downloading only 2 files at the same time. Subsequent files will be added to download queue. This limitation can get rather annoying in the long run. Enter download managers, a dedicated tools for downloading files from the internet.

Download managers are designed to take over download request from various applications and process them. Download managers allow multiple files to be downloaded simultaneously. Additionally, download tools offer such features as:

  • Support for different protocols, for example, FTP or torrent

  • Download priority settings

  • Download scheduling

  • Option to limit download speed (setting bandwidth limits allows for more comfortable browsing)

  • Splitting large files and multi-threaded download option

  • Advanced download management features (for example, option to download files from repositories or automatic alternative file location search function)