File Extension File Type Popularity
CRDOWNLOAD Chrome Partially Downloaded Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

Large files


Downloading large files is always a problem. Large is of course a relative term and by today’s standards a file of size around 1 GB is rarely considered a large file. The main problem with downloading such file is the stability of connection between server and client.

To avoid such problems large files were typically divided into multiple smaller ones. For this purpose file archivers that offer file-splitting feature were used. Sometimes dedicates hosting services were used to host such files. However, such solutions had two main downsides:

  1. Often split-archive files took more disk space than the original files as splitting such files was faster without using any compression.

  2. Large files split into smaller files may become useless if just one of the parts is missing, no matter how small that missing part may be.

Older 32-bit operating systems may have trouble with downloading files larger than 2 GB; newer systems do not have this limitation. Chrome automatically resumes download of partially downloaded files and offers an option to pause the download. However, sometimes resuming download is not possible due to some restrictions imposed by the source from which given file is downloaded.