File Extension File Type Popularity
CRDOWNLOAD Chrome Partially Downloaded Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

Recovering data from CRDOWNLOAD files


Google Chrome downloads file sequentially form start to finish. Some partially downloaded file can thus be used to recover downloaded data. Chrome saves temporary download files using the same file name and extension as the original file and adds CRDOWNLOAD suffix at its end.

CRDOWNLOAD data recover

Of course, the most reliable way to access data in given file is to download it properly. This means that users should resume the download process if it was paused or stopped for some reason. Considering the fact that most files store header data at their start, it is always worth to try to recover file data that has been downloaded even if the file is not complete.

It is worth mentioning that the success or failure of data recovery process depends heavily on the type of file and how large a part of the file data is missing. By removing the .CRDOWNLOAD extension user can force the system to automatically associate given file with one or more installed programs or applications. Associated program or application may then open the file based on incomplete data (for example, a .TXT or .JPG file, which may be displayed as incomplete text or image, respectively) or attempt to recover file contents if the file is identified as corrupted (for example, a .DOC or .AVI file).

This method however does not work for binary files, such as .EXE or .DLL. Recovering data form partially downloaded files is considered as last ditch effort when there is no other way to access data in such files.